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iPhone X (a week later)

iPhone X (a week later) Well I broke down and got the iPhone X last Saturday after only 8 months with the iPhone 8 Plus.

First, why did I get the iPhone 8 Plus? Well, I was concerned about the new technology in the iPhone X (specifically Face ID). I use Apple Pay a lot; in fact, I select restaurants and stores based on whether they take Apple Pay many times. I didn't want to be the guy with a line behind them because Face ID "still had some maturing to do". Additionally the 8 seemed to be more durable.

Well, I got the 8 in a plus, first time I purchased the plus -- Love the screen size, loved the snappiness with the new speed, but hated the size of the phone -- Honestly, despised the size of the phone!

I would check out the iPhone X at any store that displayed it and talked to anyone that had it -- Decided I wanted that phone. Basically the gestures of the iPhone X reminded me of my beloved Palm Pre ... the phone and OS that could've but didn't (for owe so many reasons)! Additionally, I would get the screen size (basically) that I had grown to love on the plus size in a much smaller frame -- SO I UPGRADED when I could (Apple Upgrade Program).

The only reservations I had, was the possibility of it being less durable then a design that had been modified over three cycles -- There are tons of posting on the internet of how fragile it is, how likely it is to scratch, how, how, and how. However, there are just as many to how it looks prescribe after 4, 5, and 6 months of use.

After a week, I am still seeing a new phone -- I did do my usual deal and get a case, which has been used for nearly 12 hours ... I hate cases on any of my devices, yet I seem to always buy them.

Right now, a week in (or 9 days), it was/is a good decision!