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Allied (plus)

Been a long time and a lot of movies seen since I posted a review -- Heck, I have seen Force Awaken, a couple of Bourne movies, and a ton of Marvel movies. I might go back and write my views/opinions about some of these but then again I may not...

Though not much I am paying for this subscription and url so I should post something and oftener than every 2 years... even if no one cares what I think or bothers to read this.

Allied... Interesting movie, that could have been a PG or PG13 opening it up to a larger audience ... curious do we believe the 'F' word was used as freely as Hollywood would have us believe in the 1940(s)? Me thinks not!

Anyway, the movie had enough action to hold most husbands, love to hold the wife's, and "thriller-ism" to hold both.

I thought Pitt did a good job and this from a non-Pitt fan... he made the character believable torn between love and love – Love of country and love for wife, the conflict of duty to country and duty to family...

The movie was both sad and happy -- Sad for the necessary sacrifice and happy for the outcome the ultimate sacrifice made possible.

We enjoyed it, not a waste of time at all... and we recommend it.

47 Ronin

We enjoyed the film. A hybrid film, that takes a classic Asian legend adds a healthy dose of mythology and combines with a fantasy⦠throw in a taboo love interest and you have a good way to spend two hours. It isn't for everyone but it was a good movie for the wife and I!

If you choose not to catch it at the theater... see it at home, if for no other reason than to say you did!

Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit

I found this to be a nice reboot of the Jack Ryan series - Reintroducing us to the personal history while modernizing the story.

Yes, there was a lull but the payoff for the viewer's patients is worth it. I believe there will be at least another movie and it can easily be much better now that "groundwork" is laid.

Definitely recommend this movie for both new Jack Ryan fans and old alike.

Review... "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"

Little slow, but a good story with "some" decent action scenes. Worth a watch especially if you are interested in the series, but it is a bit predictable. There are parts where you start thinking "how much longer", never good in a movie, but still as a fan of the book/author it is worth watching... but, they could have done better on the ending!

I believe the reason we, or I, find this series less interesting/entertaining than "The Lord of the Rings" is... we are now familiar with "middle earth" and I believe "The Hobbit" was written for younger children than "The Lord of the Rings" was...

Anyway, if you are a fan of the series it is worth a watch... but you can wait for the DVD or iTunes release.

Homefront - Review

Homefront... Nice 80's action flick, not academy award material but an entertaining movie! The action is nice - Your basic "good vs. evil' action flick.

A cop, who disagreed with the outcome of his last investigation resigns... later he looses his wife and it is just he and his daughter. A low-rent jerk learns the cops identity, the cop was just trying to get away and raise his daughter, and lets the guy wanting revenge know. See the real bad guy doesn't care the cop was also upset at what happened and quit.

The *real" bad guy sends some high-rent jerks to handle it... and our hero does everything in his power to protect his daughter and in the end take revenge on the low-rent jerk.

All in all, I would recommend the movie to those that are fans of 80's action; however, you really don't need to rush to the theater to see it - I can wait for Netflix!

Homefront (2013) - IMDb

For thoose that are a Jason Statham fans this might be a good movie... and for us old movie goers it may scratch an itch because the screen play was written by Slyvester Stallone.

I plan on seeing it over this holiday weekend, so I will let you know.

Star Trek Into Darkness

We found this movie to be very entertaining! However, I must admit I am a Star Trek fan from the original series (yes I am old).

I had some issues with the first JJ Abrams released, but realized it was a reboot and left the Star Trek universe open to all kinds of new story-lines, I was looking forward to this movie!

Some will find this movie irritating because it does revisit old story-lines but utilizes the reboot to go a whole different direction. The story does respect the old series and moviesâ?¦ we found this movie very entertaining!

It is another of the two top movies in my opinion for 2013.

2 Guns

The movie was enjoyable but I can see how it wouldn't be to many. It seems to be trying to build the comic relationship of Murtaugh and Riggs (Lethal Weapon); however, where Gover and Gibson acting was closely match... that isn't the case for Washington and Whalberg..

Don't get me wrong Wahlberg is a good actor but he ain't no Danzel Washington!

The movie had some funny parts, that could have been much funnier, and action - IMO there could have been more action and more comedy with less silliness!

All in all, if you are a movie goer, I recommend this movie - If you are an occasional movie goer pass on this and pick another!

Iron Man 3

Very entertaining movie... I don't believe it as good as Avengers nor better than IM2; however, it is well worth the trip and may be worth another viewing. Not a fan of "get the girl involved in the super hero stuff", but they did it well and in so doing developed the characters out. This would be one of the top two (2) movies I would recommend so far in 2013.

The next will be interesting, if there is one!

Man of Steal

A different take on an old favorite - Felt like they tried to push at least two full movies into one; however, I would recommend it! I believe they are getting 'it' out of the way in this movie to start a 'new' story and franchise.

But, I got to say - Lois starting out "knowing" is a bit hard to take - Maybe I am a bit old fashion!


Riddick... a good movie for those of us who have seen the others and some what enjoyed them for the entertainment value... do not be expecting a "work of art". Based on the unbelievable survivability of our hero in the past endeavors this one will not disappoint, but some how neither this nor the last seemed as good as Pitch Black... not that Pitch Black was another Matrix or Star Wars, but it was different and I enjoyed it.

Recommend if you have a vested interested in Riddick, what happened since he killed the "lord marshal", and want to know what happened after he "kept what he killed". If you don't know Riddick for Ricky and care nothing for SCIFI, I wouldn't go see it.


A different kind of movie than I have seen lately, but a good movie - Fear, survival instinct, surrender, & having to choose between fighting or surrender (on a personal level).

Visually stunning movie - I recommend seeing especially if you like man (sorry human) against nature type movies.

I anticipate the me Robert Redford movie (All is Lost) being similar where space is replace by the sea.


The movie started out slowly and ended up being long, so long I was looking for the pause button so I could at least stretch my legs.

Don't get me wrong I wanted it to finish, but to find out if I was correct - I was! I had figured who the discovered corpse was, who Alex really was, and who the actual guilty one was.

Guess I have seen one two many movies - My recommendation, wait till it comes to cable. Not sure about all the good reviews, any movie that allows me to remember I have been sitting for hours is average at best!