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Allied (plus)

Been a long time and a lot of movies seen since I posted a review -- Heck, I have seen Force Awaken, a couple of Bourne movies, and a ton of Marvel movies. I might go back and write my views/opinions about some of these but then again I may not...

Though not much I am paying for this subscription and url so I should post something and oftener than every 2 years... even if no one cares what I think or bothers to read this.

Allied... Interesting movie, that could have been a PG or PG13 opening it up to a larger audience ... curious do we believe the 'F' word was used as freely as Hollywood would have us believe in the 1940(s)? Me thinks not!

Anyway, the movie had enough action to hold most husbands, love to hold the wife's, and "thriller-ism" to hold both.

I thought Pitt did a good job and this from a non-Pitt fan... he made the character believable torn between love and love – Love of country and love for wife, the conflict of duty to country and duty to family...

The movie was both sad and happy -- Sad for the necessary sacrifice and happy for the outcome the ultimate sacrifice made possible.

We enjoyed it, not a waste of time at all... and we recommend it.