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Homefront - Review

Homefront... Nice 80's action flick, not academy award material but an entertaining movie! The action is nice - Your basic "good vs. evil' action flick.

A cop, who disagreed with the outcome of his last investigation resigns... later he looses his wife and it is just he and his daughter. A low-rent jerk learns the cops identity, the cop was just trying to get away and raise his daughter, and lets the guy wanting revenge know. See the real bad guy doesn't care the cop was also upset at what happened and quit.

The *real" bad guy sends some high-rent jerks to handle it... and our hero does everything in his power to protect his daughter and in the end take revenge on the low-rent jerk.

All in all, I would recommend the movie to those that are fans of 80's action; however, you really don't need to rush to the theater to see it - I can wait for Netflix!