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iPhone 7 ... after just over a month!

Finally, my company offered a stipend for phones ... process I had previously enjoyed in other jobs ...

Meaning, my tech addiction received it's fix regularly -- I used to get a new device every 8 months or so, of course this was when I was working with PC(s) and Android and enjoyed "tinkering" with "what I wanted to do”.

Back in 2011, I decided to try an iPhone, not because I liked Apple, in fact felt apple users were a bunch of snobs ... but my new company wouldn't let me expense my devices and insisted on company issued mobile devices. In 2011, the choices were a 1.5 year old droid, a year old Samsung, a Blackberry, or a month old iPhone 4S ... I picked the newer device.

Having never used Apple products before, but was interested in a tablet, I picked up an iPad while taking a break/vacation from my previous job before starting the new one … to get an idea of how iOS worked and what I could do with it.

That was it -- I rapidly began becoming a fan boy -- Coming to the dark side and transforming in the snob. Guess it was my older age, didn't enjoying tinkering anymore and hated restarting a device multipule times just to get it to not lag!

That said, I am now in the Apple ecosystem 100%, no PC(s) in the house ... the only tech in the house other than Apple is some Amazon devices (e.g. FireTV (and Apple TV) & Echo).

Now for the iPhone 7 ... having to be wait over a year to get devices I moved from an iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7, and I must say it is a good experience.

I bought myself the new device and upgraded my wife to the 7 ... for her, she was "don't need a new phone” (in her opinion) till she started taking pictures and now I am a "great husband"...

Me the speed of the device, the added 3D touch functionality, and of course the "turn it on it works" has confirmed my decision nearly 6 years ago going all in on Apple.

If you have a 6S maybe you need to wait till Sept and whatever they are going to do for the 10 year phone ... but, if you have an iPhone 6 or lower, I would jump to iPhone 7... Now ... you can get on the Apple upgrade program ... which I believe is the best deal, if you like upgrading quickly (a luxury that comes with a price).

  • Unlocked phone so you are not locked in a contract and can tell your service provider to "pound sand" any time you want ... multiple times a year till you get the price/service you want/expect!
  • Can upgrade after 8 payments to the newest phone
  • Not upgrade and eventually own the phone... or pay the phone off before upgrading if you believe you can get a better return on your investment.

The main deal for me, I am not locked in to a provider and I can do what needs to be done when traveling overseas to make the device function for me.