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Special Months & Exclusion?

At risk, of being called a racist, sexist, hatemonger - I would like someone to take a stab at a rational explanation to why:

  • Black History Month isn't racist when any who wanted a White History month would be tagged a racist
  • Women History Month isn't sexist but no Male/Man History month, correct it would be sexist -- Explain, please
  • LGBT Pride Month; yet not seeing a Heterosexual Month, oh that would be homophobic-- please another opportunity to explain
  • LGBT History Month (yes LGBT get 2 calls outs), same as above -- Explain, please
  • There is a special African-American Music appreciation month, other musicians I suppose as simply useless

Please take a shot at the explanation; however, let me explain my point.

WHY do we have to have "special" months and recognition if the goal is equality and/or sameness -- Hard to have when we call the differences out nearly every single month while excluding some. Exclusion being a way to point out differences with one or a group believing the differences are lesser than or better than another.

Just doesn't seem the actions correspond with the stated goal; in fact, these actions contradict the stated purpose.

iOS 8 Thoughts

Well, it has been a few weeks with iOS 8 and I must admit this is the biggest improvement to the operating system since I made the leap to the iOS/Apple world in 2011.

Sure there are issues and some places I would like to see more freedom; however, I can handle both my personal and professional life through either of my iOS devices... and it will only get better with the release of Yosemite for my MacBook and iMac.

...and still there are less reboots and restarts with my Apple devices then any PC or Android device I owned/used previously or currently!


I decided to take a break and grab myself a 2 pump caramel, 2 pump vanilla, w/ an extra shot and watch the people in my usual Starbucks. What I saw, was America...

I heard one conversation involving preparation for a Sunday school class at a local Southern Baptist Church - Another conversation was over head about gay rights involving persons I presume were gay...

One of the males from the gay rights group, dropped their wallet which was picked up and handed him by one of the "conservative Christians"... not a big deal, right.

Well, if either group had been a bit more observant they would have known that the other group, Christian or not, had some very unpleasant things to say about those from the other group (i.e. "never give them the time of day," "wouldn't bother to talk to them,,," etc.)... They didn't make the comments about people present, just generalized statements.

Now let's go back to the incident. After the wallet was retrieved and returned some from one group started up a ten minute conversation with some from the other. It was a pleasant conversation about family, the holidays, shopping, etc., at no time did their strong beliefs and differences ever enter into the conversation - They went their way having had a pleasant encounter with the hated opposition... but neither group took an opportunity to sway the opposing group - Let's hope the act of picking up and returning the wallet was enough.

The morale, generalizations are bull and in my opinion never accurate, when talking about our beliefs we need to stop using generalizations and stereotypes - Instead say what we mean and what we know and try to live life as we say we believe. In reality, the gentlemen that retrieved and returned the wallet lived his beliefs but not the words he was saying just ninety-seconds earlier - Thank GOD he wasn't observant or he wouldn't have "given the time of day" and what kind of example would that have been?