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Tragedy - How Should We Help

First I want to say I feel for and will help anyway I can those affected by the flood; however, I must say I do get sick of our concentrating on the tragedy of natural acts as if they never happened before or they are an anomaly…

Though this post will be considered by many as “unsympathetic” or callous I would disagree and apply this description to every political leader or group who pounce on any natural tragedy as an opportunity to promote their agenda, gain more power, or both. I find it sad so many don’t see the media’s constant bombardment of “gloom and doom” as what it is – An effort to promote an agenda, to sway public opinion, to “tell you what you should think”!

This is the real “burr under my saddle” – Telling me what I should think! If you don’t accept their spoon feed crap you are tagged as “uncaring”. When in fact, I believe I and those like me are much more caring. Our goal in helping anyone is to help them in such a way that they feel they helped themselves, you know pride a sense of worth! Pride, that thing that I truly believe certain political groups prefer you not have because without a sense of worth there is no individualism and without individualism there is only “dependence”.

So I hope others will band together and help those affected to help themselves; however, as for me, the man sitting on the tailgate of his truck waiting for the government to swoop in and save him doesn’t need or want my help after all I already gave him his charity on April 15th…TAXES.

I want to help anyone in troubled by providing them a hammer and nails and teach them how to build, give them a fishing pole and teach ‘em how to fish, or help them get a job so a year from now they are still helping their family instead of waiting on our charity again…