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Clothes are Next - :)

Pride, is it a bad thing – From a totally secular view point? Well, considering I was raised to look a man in the eye to speak or shake their hand – I have to say no I don’t think so.

However, let us look at more evidence though it is only based on opinion. When I drive around neighborhoods I know thirty or more years ago were nice and even new, they are rundown with houses in some cases that are nearly following down. Why is this? Could it be lack of pride? I do mark it up to laziness and lack of pride, which is pretty much.

You see when houses began being sold to people that couldn’t afford it, these “new owners” knew that they would either loose it or not be held accountable for the property, they didn’t care – They had no pride because they weren’t “in it for the long haul” and in many cases didn’t buy it with “their own money”… Now these dilapidated homes have nice cars in front of ‘em, cars I wouldn’t dare buy because I have a “house note” to make…

My question – Since we are now looking at ways to “give cars” away or lessen the expense to everyone - How will this depreciate the way the owners take care of ‘em.

Let’s put it to the test – My guess, in a few years now we will have house that are falling apart, with broken down cars in the drive way, but the people living and driving in these eye sores will have really nice clothes…

…that is till we start giving new clothes away!