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Mad Mom is Back

"Mad mom" (Cindy Sheehan) and Code Pink are back to making fools of themselves. Protesting something they know nothing about (hint: the Korean governement asked for these base consolidation)... By the way, you misspelled base, dumb-dumb-dumb--but that is not a surprise!

US activists protest larger SKorea bases
Shouting slogans such as "Stop US military base expansion!" and "Stop repression in Pyeongtaek!" the protesters held up their US passports and asked police to get out of their way.
Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink, a US women's peace organization, said: "There is no way that I feel my family will be more secure or that Korean families will feel more secure by expanding the Camp Humphreys base (in Pyeongtaek) and taking land from people who have farmed there for generations."

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