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Casino Royale - Review - Recommend

As promised I went to see 'Casino Royale' and enjoyed it. Can I say it is the best 'Bond' movie I have ever seen-NO; however, it was good. If you consider that the movie is about the 'beginning of the legend' it will make the movie better. Basically, you need to forget all you know about Bond--forget you know he got married and that wife was killed immediately after the wedding, forget what he evolved into a dapper killing machine, forget that every women he runs into is ready to melt into his bed, and forget he very rarely ever gets dirty or bloody while saving the world--REMEMBER that he is just staring out. That starting out role and remembering it is what will make it work--he has a long fight scene with two men in a staircase that would have taken the older Bond less then a minute not to mention it took over half the movie to win the women who ends up being the reason he trust no one! All in all, though not the best 007 movie the ‘rough around the edges Bond’ was good and bore a striking similarity to Jason Bourne… I recommend it, if you care in the slightest.

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