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Dear Memphis Police

Dear MPD,

I just spent 45 - 55 minutes on Bill Morris Parkway due to your ineffective traffic mangement!

To clarify - I received certification for both Traffic Management and Accident Investigation in several states… yes this was in the 1980(s); however, I must say since returning to Memphis in 2002 I have yet to see your force manage traffic correctly, effectively, or quickly!

Some hints -
  • If you are going to have three (3) patrol cars at a single car accident they all don't need to be parked right behind each other with the officers/drivers sitting in the drivers seat doing what appears to be absolutely nothing!

  • Identify the “choke” points, maybe move one of these officers back… possibly to the closest intersection or highway exit and force the traffic to start moving over; therefore the flow is smother at the actual accident site.

  • Don't be eating a sausage/biscuit while taxpayers are driving by.

  • Possibly get your lazy backend out of the patrol can and DIRECT TRAFFIC, you know SERVE the public!
I will be more than happy to set some time aside and give a 3 to 4 point lesson!

- Posted from my iPad