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Obama & The Muslim Brotherhood - What's the Goal

This has some interesting information, why don't you take a chance and read it, research the facts, and just see if your current president's goal and that of his friends coincide with yours… oh, and one more thing, try to do this based on beliefs vs beliefs and goals vs goals - NOT based on skin color… can you do that?

Muslim Brotherhood Wants to Re-Elect Barack Hussein Obama:

... believes that its purposes in the West are, for the moment, better advanced by the use of non-violent, stealthy techniques.  In that connection, the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to establish relations with, influence and, wherever possible, penetrate government circles in executive and legislative branches at the federal, state, and local levels; the law enforcement community; intelligence agencies; the military; penal institutions, the media; think tanks and policy groups; academic institutions, non-Muslim religious communities; and other elites.  The Brothers engage in all of these activities and more for one reason: to subvert the targeted communities in furtherance of the Muslim Brother's primary objective -- the triumph of shariah.

(Via American Thinker)