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I Owe Illegal Immigrants Nothing Other than Decency

I, as a US citizen, owe illegal immigrants nothing other than decency - They deserve to be treated as a human being… respectfully, with courtesy and kindness, the same as I would hope they would treat me if I were in their country.

I do not owe them a job, or access to the benefits this country provides, or for monies I work for to be distributed to them… basically, they "have no dog in the hunt" - There illegal. How can a member of any group start on equal ground when that person broke the rules/laws in the first place?

Illegal Immigrants, supports to re-create 1966 march

An excerpt:

"I deserve the same rights as anybody else, and I'm not given those rights because I am an 'undocumented'.... For those reasons I can't go to school. I can't get an actual job that I would want."

Really? You believe you deserve the same rights as someone that made sacrifices to be a legal citizen? That is fair to you?

Well if that is your definition of what is "right", fair, and somehow owed you - I am not sure I would want you as part of the society I live in! There are millions of legal immigrants that migrated here and EARNED their citizenship legally and in many cases with great sacrifice… Are you some how better them? What because you have a "harder life"… and who gets to determine that you?

GIVE ME A BREAK, I owe you nothing; however, to be part of this great country and reap the benefits you owe it plenty!