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Memphis' Ties Record High Set in 1977

Memphis' Sunday temperature ties record high set in 1977 » The Commercial Appeal

If you believe the heat is due to "man-made climate change" and in no way is related to cycles in the weather - Please tell me what was going on in 1977...come on give it a shot!
When the thermometer hit 99 degrees at 1:53 p.m. at Memphis International Airport, it tied a record set in 1977.
How about fifty-eight years ago...you know when not every family even had a car, and if they did they had one...
On Wednesday, the high is expected to reach 97, which would tie the record set in 1953
Come on, I want to hear it - The Global Warming fanatics can tell me how and when we (human beings) will destroy the world, but they cannot explain why there are still record highs over 100 years old, nor can they accurately tell me what the weather is going to do tomorrow!