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Give Me a Break

Doomsday predictions are a laughing matter for those who believe, it is the arrogance man to think we know or have any control over "the end of times" - AND I am referring/including the doomsday global warming fanatics in the laughing matter.
Doomsday predictions no laughing matter for some - USATODAY.com
A doctor is quoted
"We actually like to see people failing and being belittled in public," Dutton says
Though the comment is unfortunately all to true, how does this apply to planning, preparing, changing your life based on something a MAN has told you... This isn't the poor guy accidentally busting a ketchup bag on himself, or a victim of a practical joke...idiots that change everything on a doomsday prediction, living as they are cheering for it. Why else would you plan for the end...and the only plan to have is the gift salvation, by the way!