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Said this would be Comical

Earlier I stated I didn't expect anything to "come of this" but it would be comical... Well I believe it is comical and entertaining to watch. By the way, wasn't the election of "the one" suppose to ease "racism", after all a "black man" was elected president - well if anything the last 10 months has proven "his" election has only escalated the "claims of racism"!

Back to comical and entertaining - Do you believe Gibbs has any idea how what he meant by his comment here...I am sure he was given the line and hasn't a clue why or what...

Harry Reid is no Trent Lott, White House says
Gibbs added, “I understand what people have to say on TV or to get themselves on TV. I would suggest they spend about 20 seconds reading a little history and figuring out that to draw that analogy strains any intellectual enterprise or any real reality in all this.”

...because if we were to look at history one would know democrats fought civil rights, Robert Byrd was a "card carrying" member of the KKK, etc. - But Gibbs really didn't mean for you to actually look at history, he doesn't know what he meant.