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Review FEAR as 2009 Departs and 2010 Arrives

Realizing 2010 was about to be here, I remember how I believed “I would be old” when thinking of 2000 while in school. That led me to remember the Y2K [bogus] bug. Remembering the Y2K, I remembered the Ozone hole, which caused me to remember the “new” ice age…

Then I remembered how Japan was “going to own America”, much like we hear China “will own America” now.
Does anyone else see a common theme here? “Keep the citizens in fear”, seems to be the goal of the media, the government, or both.

Having some (a little) experience with trying to control “masses”, I can say installing fear and worries is a goal to “control”. Do you believe I am just “blowing smoke”?

Well let’s look back – post WWII
  • Fear of the ‘A’ bomb – Bomb shelters, “duck and cover”, etc.
  • McCarthyism
  • Cold War
  • Temperatures cooling and entering a new ice age
  • Oil Shortage
  • Japan would “buy and destroy” America
  • Going to “cook” due to a hole in the Ozone
  • AIDS
  • Animal Fat
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Global Warming
  • International Terrorism
  • Trans fats
  • China will “buy and destroy” America

Hmm, that is just a few – Am I blowing smoke?