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Sitting at Work - WHY?

I am sitting at work, filling in for a supervisor who is off, and wondering why I am here...

We had to travel 452 miles round trip to attend a training session, which I did without complaint - Because it is my JOB.

Now I am here for a "midnight shift", because it is my JOB.

My job - I was raised to take MY JOB serious and a responsibility not taken lightly. "Work at it and you WILL succeed."

However, my future looks bleak - It appears the goal of my country is to take more and more of what I earn at MY JOB and give it to those who don't WORK, and a growing majority of those choose not to... Why does my government want this?

Because I am a male, a white male, because I chose to work, or simply to get votes and stay in power.

I believe it is because they want to stay in power caring not that they are creating a country full of pride-less, lazy, and selfish citizens... The irony here is THOSE IN GOVERNMENT will have me and you believe that I am selfish for working, taking MY JOB serious, and wanting the keep more of what I reap then they steal from me to give to those who choose not to WORK.

Well I have to get back to MY JOB because it is MY JOB, but I leave you with a question, WHY?