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Flip-Flop is Back

Besides the comments not sounding anything like the Kerry of campaign season - Doesn't the below sound like another "I voted for it before I voted against it"?

Kerry: Targeted attacks in Afghanistan not enough - washingtonpost.com
"I do not believe that a counterterrorism strategy all by itself without a sufficient level of counterinsurgency will work," said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. "If you don't have a presence on the ground that's effective, it's almost impossible to collect the kind of intelligence that you need to be equally effective in your counterterrorism."
Kerry is not promoting sending more troops now. That would be irresponsible, he said, when Afghanistan's election is not yet finished.

"I don't see how President Obama can make a decision about the committing of our additional forces or even the further fulfillment of our mission that's here today without an adequate government in place or knowledge about what that government's going to be," he said.