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Couldn't have Said it Better

Many that know me have heard me harp about being sick and tired of hearing "the worst economy since the 'great depression'" - Knowing that many younger than 50 just weren't taught history before 1960 and those in their 30's nothing before Clinton. All seem to have forgotten the 70's, unemployment, inflation, and the initiation of a misery index (note Mr. Obama inherited a lower index than his predecessor while his climbed in the few months of office Bush's was lower after eight years, if anyone cares.).

Well I found someone other than I that remembers the 70's...all be it an evil "conservative" - Go figure.

Tell me if I have seen this before: Swine flu, Russian subs off the American coast, indecision toward Afghanistan, hot summers followed by cold winters. And then there is high unemployment and soon-to-be high inflation. Am I imagining things or is this a return to the 1970's?

I remember the ‘70's very well, especially the winter of '78. The heater broke in the middle of the coldest winter on St. Louis record and it was a miserable time. What struck me most was scientists trying to blame the frigid temperatures on global cooling. Make up your minds, will you

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