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Well having had to fly for years and being able to stop - I haven't had to fly for sometime and the trips I have taken since limiting my business travel have been on international carriers.
Well today I am taking a vacation and wanted to describe my experiences.
The check points are pretty much as they have been for some time and it really doesn't matter if you are traveling internationally or domestically.
Sitting on my flight, currently in flight, I see what I despise about US owned airlines - They have us hostage to their rudeness. They don't even have a need to pretend to treat us as paying customers.
I understand the business need to generate revenue by charging for everything but the air you breath (not yet anyway) - Don't agree but understand. I don't understand the "we take your money to tell you what to do" attitude.
I am serious there are a lot of little king and queens working for airlines...they appear to hate their jobs and us the customer...
Basically we are hostages, maybe Stockholm syndrome will kick in soon and I will change my attitude toward my captors - But' I doubt it.

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