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I do find today's media comical and enjoy watching them think so much of themselves... We have them declaring McCain/Palin rallies hateful while never reporting the vandalism and destruction of McCain headquarters...but, you and I are to stupid to realize this. Then again viewership and subscriptions are down while media outlets all over are laying people off (maybe we ain't that stupid, and they are).

Anyway we have a new wave of "fear mongering" at election time - an AP headline reads "Retail sales plunge 1.2 percent in September"... Plunge, plunge (?) doesn't that make you think of something other than 1.2%? Plunge makes me think it is a big deal, something that hasn't happened for some time...not just three years or thirty-six months, as we read.
plunging by the largest amount in three years
But we aren't supposed to read and certainly not think, Mr. Crutsinger will do that for you - Just shut-up and be scared and know that only the media and their choice (Obama) can help you!

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