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Georgia, The Olympics, and More -

Does anyone other than I find the current rhetoric over the Georgian "war"...or conflict, baffling. Many people, including me, knew Russia was not done - In fact, many intelligent people (those on the left will say they are ignorant), have warned of action like this for years - YES, before W took office. ---It is not President Bush's fault; however, if you believe he is to blame please e-mail me. I got some really good stuff to sale and your elevator skips a floor or two---

Seriously, what better time for Russia to pull this, to flex their muscle? America is in an election season, the Olympics are going on, and America is talking of pulling troops out of Iraq.

Do you understand "pulling troops" - As we replenish our "stateside" force we will be capable to quickly respond to any world incident...So would you wait till your enemy, or your exact opposite, was at full strength to strike? I doubt it.

Are you getting the picture yet? Should you really be surprised? Should any of us "really" be surprised?

Of course, you may be surprised if you truly believe America is at fault, believe that America is the cause of all things bad, or believe that America owes anyone... For the record American owes no country a thing.