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Palm Release Update for Sprint Centro

If you have a Palm Centro from Sprint this will interest you - I have installed it and the phone's performance has improved significantly... I was happy with the phone before but now, well I am happier. The update takes about 15 - 20 minutes then you will need to repair all bluetooth device and reestablish your IM login - All in all it took about an hour out of the day, well worth it.

Centro Update for Sprint

  • Improved Gmail IMAP compatibility and an updated setup wizard with the new Gmail settings
  • Updated compatibility for Google Mobile Maps My Location feature to approximate your current location – great for directions, finding nearby restaurants or business, or checking local traffic.
  • Improved ongoing delivery of email sent to VersaMail accounts using Microsoft's Direct Push Technology via Exchange ActiveSync
  • Bluetooth usability enhancements and updates
  • Sprint TV performance enhancements
  • Enhanced AOL Instant Messenger performance
  • Improved performance when adding a contact using Mobile Voice Control
  • Improved email attachment handling
  • Changed default camera shutter sound to “ON.” Audible shutter “click” will be heard when taking photos
  • Allows Preferred Roaming List updates over the air

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