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Give me a Break - Sensitive or Sensationalism

Miller Apologizes for Comments He Made About Mediate
Ciongoli said that his letter “is not meant to be an attack upon NBC, but rather to be an illumination of a problem that continues to trouble our society.”“The perpetuation of negative stereotypes and demeaning language hurts us all,” he said.But Anthony Baratta, the president of the Order Sons of Italy in America’s commission for social justice, demanded Miller’s suspension. “If Johnny Miller had made a similar remark about Tiger Woods,” he said Thursday in a press release, “he would have been fired.”
Are we really that sensitive or just that sensational? Come on, media types can dog "red necks", "country bumpkins", "Christians" and "farmer types" all the time...well even presidential candidates can, and the claim is "we were not talking about them they just read to much into it; however, when a specific group does read to much into a statement - "Katie bar the door" we want them hung...
These groups are simply looking for publicity through sensationalism - IMOH!

Disclaimer - "hung" is not meant to be derogatory to anyone's ancestry which may or may not involve "horse thievery", "rapists", "murders", "race", "racists", "religion", etc. etc. etc.