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This is Just Stupid

Well the city was stupid - Simple as that. But Ms Abileah really should listen to herself, or maybe she is a Berkley grad, which would explain a bunch! Let's look at the excerpt below.

Berkeley under fire for stance on Marines - Los Angeles Times
"We're not looking for a fight, and we expect the police to be there to help keep the peace," Rae Abileah, a national organizer for Code Pink, said about the group's vigil. "The right-wing groups are trying to make this into an issue of whether you are for or against the Marines. It's not about that. It's about the war in Iraq and the deceitful tactics by military recruiters."
Let's see, she want us to believe it is not about being "for or against the Marines" - Those deceitful people! Well I am convinced (NOT!) how 'bout you?

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