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Do we Trust Polls?

Speaking as an American born citizen who is married to an American citizen who gained her citizenship through proper immigration - Not by amnesty nor a blanket granting, but by hard work and devotion to her "new" country - I feel I can speak to this... What polls? How was the question presented? Did the pollster ask - Are you for making illegal immigrant, those mostly of one ethnicity, citizens over night or pardoning these illegal immigrants immediately even if they do not want to be citizens?

Did they ask that question and do you really believe that most Americans would say yes? If you do, I have a nice piece of land in the swaps of Louisiana for sale or a grand deal on part of the Brooklyn bridge!

The President, one who I voted for and would still vote for given my 2004 choices, says we need to read the bill - Well I am not sure he did... Have you? By the way, I ain't the President on this one!

Amnesty? What amnesty? Critics substitute fear for facts - Yahoo! News

Although polls show that most Americans support giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship,

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