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Good To Come Back With!

Well I took a break, surprise. Honestly I got sick of the junk, never ending junk -- liberals complain I, a conservative, and others like me don't listen or refuse to listen to facts, yea right!

Have you ever noticed that when someone complains about a flaw in another's character, that flaw is magnified ten fold in themselves? Seriously think about it, when I have pointed this out to some they take a minute and say "You know your right", I know I am -- I learned it years ago from a mentor... Because I know this, when I become irritated I look at myself before speaking! Ever wonder where the saying "Physician heal thyself" came from?

Well I am back and will try to post regularly, but let me first say the claim that I and others like me refuse to listen....is bunk! Bunk stated by arrogant, elitist, who want the ability to determine what I say, think, and where I spend my money. Well, dream on sparky! My thoughts, desires for my family, and my belief choices will never be controlled by another human -- OK the wife might control some of my thoughts:-)...

What better time to return to posting then with a link of Brit Hume spelling out the idiocy of Martha -- a true Democrat hero! Watch it here! Some excerpts!

...this guy is long past the day when he had anything but the foggiest awareness of what the heck is going on in the world.

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