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Some Good News

Thought I would share things I believe are good news--by the way, didn't the 'gloom and doomers' back in 2004 predict a total economical failure by now?

Number of Jobless Claims Drops by 9,000
WASHINGTON (AP) - The number of newly laid off workers filing claims for unemployment benefits dropped by a bigger-than-expected amount last week, signaling continuing labor market strength despite a general economic slowdown.

Dip in gas prices may lift entire economy
"The decline in gasoline prices has the effect of a tax cut," says Richard DeKaser, chief economist at National City Corporation, a bank in Cleveland. "Of course it's only partly reversing the 'tax increases' of the past three years."

The swing in gasoline prices has been rapid. Gasoline peaked at about $3.04 a gallon on Aug. 4. Now the national average is closer to $2.73 a gallon, according to GasolinePriceWatch.com. "In Dayton, Ohio, I'm paying $2.29 a gallon," says Brad Proctor, who runs the website.
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