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Security Forces Doing Their Job

Although you will never hear it from the 'mainstream media' (MSM)--it does appear those Iraqi Security Forces the MSM report aren't trained or disciplined, are actually better off then reported and doing their job.  Let see now, the Iraqi forces are doing their job and capture another top al-Qaida member; this should be good news and a good sign--lets see if it is talked about in such away one Sunday's weekly 'bash Bush' shows.
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Iraqi forces have arrested the second most senior operative in al-Qaida in Iraq, and the group now suffers from a "serious leadership crisis," the national security adviser said Sunday.
Hamed Jumaa Farid al-Saeedi, known as Abu Humam or Abu Rana, was arrested a few days ago, Mouwaffak al-Rubaie said, adding that his arrest also led to the capture or death of 11 other top al-Qaida in Iraq figures and nine lower-level members.
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