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Shame on Them

You mean they weren't 'Monitoring'--I don't think that is what the article means; however, it should have been worded differently (Pentagon to 'Better' Monitor..., or Pentagon to 'Increase' Monitoring...).  To make a statements like this indicates to the public, a public that may not and probably doesn't know better, that recruiters up till now have had free rein--I can assure they have not, or didn't in my time!  Either way I do agree that there is a need to find if these complaints are legitimate and 'weed out' the offenders.

Pentagon to Monitor Recruiters
SAN JOSE, California - The Defense Department has announced it will closely monitor military recruiters and their commanders in light of two investigations - one by the government, the other by The Associated Press - that found increased levels of recruiter misconduct.
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