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I am Tired!

I am getting tired of having to walk around as if we were on thin ice where Muslims are concerned. Here is an idea for the Muslim leaders, actively work to rid your 'religion' of these terrorist and condemn their activity. Until then, give it a rest and remember--what religion were the men that bombed the Trade Centers in 1993, blew up the USS Cole, crashed planes into the Trade Centers in 2001, and continue to threaten the United States?

Another question; how come members of the Islamic community have no problem speaking out against any faith but theirs--but cry foul whenever 'truths' are spoken about many of the followers of their faith?

Shoura Chief Wants Bush Apology
JEDDAH, 21 August 2006 — Shoura Council Chairman Dr. Saleh Bin-Humaid yesterday called for a public apology from US President George W. Bush for linking Islam and Muslims with fascism and terrorism.
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