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After taking some time off I thought I would share some things I found interesting.

  • Something that you want here much of in the MSM (Main Stream Media), because it is not 'negative' enough toward the military.

Guardsman Cleared in Iraqi's Death
BAGHDAD, Iraq - The U.S. military has dismissed all charges against a Pennsylvania National Guardsman accused of killing an unarmed Iraq civilian near Ramadi, finding that the soldier had reason to believe the man had a weapon.
  • Jonah Goldberg pretty much pegs the UN for the failure it is!

The Great U.N. Delusion::By Jonah Goldberg
No, the failure comes in precisely the arena that supposedly justifies the U.N.'s existence: global peace and security. And that's where the delusion comes in. The folks at United Nations Plaza have proved themselves to be either well-intentioned incompetents or cagey, crapulent kleptocrats. The list of their biggest failures is spelled out in blood: Somalia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Congo (where peacekeepers reportedly raped the local girls), Iraq (where the U.N. bugged out after a bombing in 2003), Darfur and, in what was supposed to be the model for U.N. peacekeeping, East Timor, which, after seven years of exemplary U.N. stewardship, recently became the ideal location to film a reality-show version of "Mad Max."
  • Can't help but to think what might be in Mogadishu had Clinton not cut and run!

Somali Islamists declare holy war against Ethiopia - Yahoo! News
MOGADISHU (AFP) - Somalia's powerful Islamic council has vowed a "holy war" against neighbouring Ethiopia, which has moved troops into its lawless neighbouring state to protect its weak transitional government from a feared Islamist advance.
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