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The next 'poster boy' for the 'anti-war' crowd. Here we have a gentlemen that enters the military, as a volunteer, in 2003--at a time of war an now refused orders... What does this tell you about the man--this 'statement' was planned, he is a coward, he is selfish, or all of the above? Whatever you think or whether or not you agree with the war--he is a DISGRACE!

He 'volunteered' knowing full well what was waiting for him--trust me he would have had ample opportunity to 'bow out' before accepting his commission -- so what is this? A DISGRACE--he is disgracing those who have served with honor, those who have been killed, and those currently serving. I hope the ARMY punishes him with the full impact of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice)--what better way for him to show he really 'stands up' for what he believes then to give up eight to twelve years of his life? None of the charges involved desertion, which can carry a harsher penalty, and describes is actions toward his 'brothers and sisters in arms'... A DISGRACE I tell you!

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