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What a Surprise

Though you and I may not agree with the writers arguments leading up to the action in Iraq--to my surprise the USA Today, actually published an opinion that is dead on accurate...  For  sometime now many, including me, have been saying setting a 'timetable' for withdrawal is a bad idea--glad to see the USA Today maybe waking up to reality!

USATODAY.com - Setting deadline for troops' withdrawal will backfire
U.S. troops should not stay in Iraq, as in Vietnam, purely for pride in a hopeless battle. They should remain, however, as long as there is a reasonable chance that they can bring some stability, reinforce the fledgling democratic government and prevent Iraq from becoming a haven for terrorists. Announcing a timetable for withdrawal, as Sen. John Kerry proposes (Kerry's resolution in the Senate was rejected 93-6 on Thursday), would just invite the insurgents to wait out the American presence.
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