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Extreme Weather and Global Warming

The scare tactics of global warming seem to be working for those still believing the media, and don't read newspapers to see "which way the lefterly winds are blowing?" or what fear mongering lie/rumor is being used today to control the masses...

Amazing, with all the "academia" nuts out there the population is still so ignorant...

Wake up, you are being lied to and someone is making a fortune off your fear and your attempts to do something "good for mother earth" - Buying special bulbs, special additives to the fuel, special, special, all at an added cost to you while lining someone's pockets! BUT, keep in mind, this isn't coming from this evil non-caring conservatives, NO, it comes from the liberal academics that care so much for you!

Does global warming cause extreme weather?:

Meanwhile, the mainstream media has been largely hiding from the public the actual cause of recent extreme weather events

(Via American Thinker)

Insight into The Left's Introduction of "Social Darwinism" for 2012

Some pretty good intro on the left's recent strategy… and opinion piece provides some good resources you might want to go to for real historical facts!
Obama Launches meme, Jonah Goldberg shoots it down:
...the myth that Social Darwinism was a popular term in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was largely created by the liberal historian Richard Hofstadter, whose 1944 book Social Darwinism in American Thought didn't merely transform our understanding of the Gilded Age, it largely fabricated an alternative history of it.
(Via American Thinker Blog)

I Not Sure that is Mistreatment

I ain't buying it! Ford says
"I'm not telling it all, because it was so horrible you could not even believe it," said Ford, D-Memphis. She added later that she was restrained during a hospital stay during which "I didn't even know where I was."

Well knowing what we know about her, drunk or high or both doesn't constitute mistreatment - BTW, you don't know where you are yet you can remember ever detail while your there, REALLY?

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The Left's Hard Work Pays Off!

Well work the left has put into "packing the court", while many on the right have had their heads in the sand for years...is paying off!
Teachers, yes the fine and honorable teaching profession...wonder how teachers around the country feel about the honor, integrity, and caring these Wisconsin have demonstrated:
The already hard-pressed Madison School District had been forced to cancel classes for three days as teachers abandoned their students to take part in anti-taxpayer protests..
American Thinker Blog: Activist Judge sides with public sector unions, again

More Whining Liberals

These people live in "Wonderland"!

NOW we have a truly conservative corporation controlling muzzling the voices on what used to be free speech in the USA...

Can you believe they actually believe Olbermann was one of the last liberal voices - I don't, I think they are just whining trying to convince you they don't have a monopoly on the media. They can't be that stupid, can they?

Daily Kos: End of Olbermann Show Is End of Democracy, Free Speech