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Extreme Weather and Global Warming

The scare tactics of global warming seem to be working for those still believing the media, and don't read newspapers to see "which way the lefterly winds are blowing?" or what fear mongering lie/rumor is being used today to control the masses...

Amazing, with all the "academia" nuts out there the population is still so ignorant...

Wake up, you are being lied to and someone is making a fortune off your fear and your attempts to do something "good for mother earth" - Buying special bulbs, special additives to the fuel, special, special, all at an added cost to you while lining someone's pockets! BUT, keep in mind, this isn't coming from this evil non-caring conservatives, NO, it comes from the liberal academics that care so much for you!

Does global warming cause extreme weather?:

Meanwhile, the mainstream media has been largely hiding from the public the actual cause of recent extreme weather events

(Via American Thinker)

Insight into The Left's Introduction of "Social Darwinism" for 2012

Some pretty good intro on the left's recent strategy… and opinion piece provides some good resources you might want to go to for real historical facts!
Obama Launches meme, Jonah Goldberg shoots it down:
...the myth that Social Darwinism was a popular term in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was largely created by the liberal historian Richard Hofstadter, whose 1944 book Social Darwinism in American Thought didn't merely transform our understanding of the Gilded Age, it largely fabricated an alternative history of it.
(Via American Thinker Blog)

Choices - Limbaugh

Though I disagree with word Limbaugh choose to use, I agree I shouldn't pay for anyone's life choices - Choice, when are we going to hold each other accountable?

Not taking responsibility for our own actions is a major problem and not holding others responsible for their choices is one of THE problems.

Let's take a speeding ticket, I had a good reason to speed or maybe I just felt it would be fun! But it was my life choice and like Fluke I should be able to do what I want at society's expense, right!

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Do We Care?

So we have big Al Gore trying in the news, do we really care?
Now Al Gore is getting on President Obama for opting against tougher air pollution standards.
Just shut up Al!

Guess he is trying to make noise before he goes into hibernation for the winter. BTW, Al we are experiencing an unusually cool spell - I know it's global warming, NOT!

Now Gore blasts Obama over pollution regs

Bring It On

In the article linked below the author suggest:
climate-change deniers to have their opinions forcibly tattooed on their bodies.
First, I say try it... then after thinking about it, how about a trade? I may be willing to proudly display "denier", if the author (or you should the shoe fit) will proudly display IDIOT on their forehead, or maybe MINDLESS FOLLOWER, maybe FEAR MONGER...

What do you think?

The dangers of bone-headed beliefs | smh.com.au

More Whining Liberals

These people live in "Wonderland"!

NOW we have a truly conservative corporation controlling muzzling the voices on what used to be free speech in the USA...

Can you believe they actually believe Olbermann was one of the last liberal voices - I don't, I think they are just whining trying to convince you they don't have a monopoly on the media. They can't be that stupid, can they?

Daily Kos: End of Olbermann Show Is End of Democracy, Free Speech

The Fool Removes All Doubt

Instead of simply being thought a fool, Billy opened his mouth (AGAIN) and removed all doubt. Leave it to a liberal, and an idiot, to pull the ole "requiring health insurance is the same as states requiring auto insurance" argument... Should we bother to point out the latter is a privilege, so requiring criteria to be met is not only constitutional but expected, say maybe ensuring and individual pass a written and practical test. The former an individual responsibility and as such.....oh never mind, loud mouth fools never listen.

But we cannot forget Billy is much smarter than this redstate hick, and you too - Just ask him! Who am I to educate the foolish?

Bill Maher: ObamaCare Individual Mandate Same As Having to Buy Car Insurance

I am Confused....

I am confused...Ft Hood attack "linked to cleric", who may have been killed? "Linked to cleric", well it sounds like a terrorist attack, smells like a terrorist plot, but the MSM, the democrats, and our president say no. Hows that "hope and change" working for you? Me, you can take it and...............

Yemeni air strike kills 30, targets home of cleric linked to Ft. Hood attack - washingtonpost.com

I "Double Dog Dare" Him

There is a REASON Mr Milloy that no one is "called out"...

Courtland Milloy: Obama Needs to Follow Through With Threats to Call Out Foes
"If you misrepresent what's in this [health care] plan, we will call you out," Obama told a joint session of Congress last week
...because doing so would shine a light on who is lying and who is misrepresenting what - Do you really want that? I DO!

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Desires to "Get Along"

Well an "example of sanity", the role model of genius has again proclaimed all who disagree with he as crazy...of course previously we were just stupid.

Let's all learn, and hope the conservative elected officials learn, from these examples of just how the left wants to "get along". After all, they are so much smarter than I and so much more civil...just ask 'em!

Bill Maher Challenges Obama: "Stand Up For The 70 Percent Of Americans Who Aren't Crazy" (VIDEO)