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Responsible is That Good or Bad

Held responsible, is that a bad thing? How was the question posed?

  • Alvin York was responsible for saving hundreds possibly thousands and the capture of hundreds of enemy soldiers in WW I!
  • Hitler was responsible for atrocities to numerous to mention!

So, responsible - How do the majority hold them responsible in a good light or bad, that is a big portion of the information not being shared.

Something that is telling - The poll really consisted of the uninformed to uninterested … and excerpt:

And much of the country draws a blank on Republican Ted Cruz of Texas despite his 21-hour Senate speech

Read more here.

Lets Get Naked!

Caseless… who is with me? I have paid hundreds of dollars, possibly thousands, to protect various devices over the years - why?

  • Do we really need them?
  • Do we really use them?

The devices were designed without a case in mind & many times we buy these devices based on these designs - Did you buy that half inch phone thinking "gee that will look really good with a one inch piece of rubber around it"? I think not! Though I purchase cases I almost always end up taking these cases off!

So why do we spend $299 for a phone and $50 or more to protected -

  • Are we letting the OEM(s) off the hook?
  • Shouldn't we expect the OEM to make a dutiable device?
  • Have we been conditioned that "we need protection", say like "safe sex"?

Or have we been hoodwinked? Do the OEM(s) make good devices yet the case manufactures have done a great job publicizing damaged device and convincing us to hide these device we purchased, in part, for their looks?

I say - Let's take 'em off, go naked - Shame on the OEM(s) if they are not proud of their designs and build them to be displayed (shown off)!

Dear Memphis Police

Dear MPD,

I just spent 45 - 55 minutes on Bill Morris Parkway due to your ineffective traffic mangement!

To clarify - I received certification for both Traffic Management and Accident Investigation in several states… yes this was in the 1980(s); however, I must say since returning to Memphis in 2002 I have yet to see your force manage traffic correctly, effectively, or quickly!

Some hints -
  • If you are going to have three (3) patrol cars at a single car accident they all don't need to be parked right behind each other with the officers/drivers sitting in the drivers seat doing what appears to be absolutely nothing!

  • Identify the “choke” points, maybe move one of these officers back… possibly to the closest intersection or highway exit and force the traffic to start moving over; therefore the flow is smother at the actual accident site.

  • Don't be eating a sausage/biscuit while taxpayers are driving by.

  • Possibly get your lazy backend out of the patrol can and DIRECT TRAFFIC, you know SERVE the public!
I will be more than happy to set some time aside and give a 3 to 4 point lesson!

- Posted from my iPad

Switching to Apple, a Year Later

I have been using Apple products for just over a year now… November 2011, after nearly two decades of Windows/PC/Palm/Android use.

How has it been? Enjoyable!

So long before trying, why?

Well my first exposure to desktop computing was with a PC and windows and I took to it… I enjoyed it and excelled at teaching myself. If it wasn't working just the way I wanted it, I wiped the machine and build it back up - Sometimes up for more than 24-36 hours.

Second, as Apple started to reemerge as a player those that used them were arrogant… the same reason I did not like cats, I never have had cats only dogs; however, I dislike them - why? The owners, they allowed their animals to roam free as did the laws, and cat owners thought they were above dog owners:-) … so fair or not I didn't like cats. The same was true about Apple, the owners/users I met were jerks, almost rabid, so Apple products never got a chance with me.

In fact, in 2010 when I attempted to purchase an iPad for my niece from an Apple Store, "owners" in the store started in on me when they saw my Android phone "Why are you even here if you don't use Apple?"… I explained my niece was an Apple user but not me and got "well at least she is intelligent"; in fact, the Genius became a Jerkius so I left! I bought the iPad from Best Buy, where they didn't care what I used!

Why did I finally try Apple products?

Really, when you get down to it… from my want to have the newest device I could. I changed jobs and for the first time I was unable to provide my own phone and just be reimbursed for the expense… the choice they gave me were the brand new iPhone, a 6 or 8 month old Android device, or a years old Blackberry bold - I choose the iPhone.

Well having time between old and new jobs and having zero experience with iOS and since one of the reasons for changing jobs was more money - I decided to get an iPad to learn iOS after all I could sell my Android tablet or give it to my wife.

Was iOS "better" than Android?

Actually, I wouldn't say either OS was worse or better than the other - I would say the apps for iOS were much more refined! Also, I would say the apps worked better with iOS than many apps worked with Android, not as many quirks… Made sense, iOS was created by the same company/team that created the hardware so it would be expected the OS would get every ounce of performance from the hardware and since they also tightly controlled the app, well you get the point. So I saw less requirement to clear memory, to restart the device, etc.

HEY, one would think it would work that way with iMac etc… and since there was more money involved - Well!

I replaced my personal laptop with an iMac! Smooth, no restarts, "it worked"… I replaced my WiFi with airport extreme and after getting the company iPhone why not an Apple TV.

I recently bought a personal MacBook Pro - So am I happy a year later?

Yes, I am am - Not saying a PC or Android are bad… in fact, I loved them - I loved playing around with them, modifying them, and I learned a lot! I believe as I am older I don't feel like "playing around" or "modifying", instead I want the devices to work when I turn them on and not be quirking - I don't have the time, the patients, or the desire to play/learn… I just want to do what I need to do and get on with my life - so I am an Apple user, wonder if I appear to be an arrogant jerk to non Apple users now :-)

I Always Knew… Say No to Black Friday

I have always told my wife "black Friday isn't a big deal"… and I read here, analyst agree with me :-)

An analysis by The Wall Street Journal and price-data firm Decide Inc. of this year's most-touted Black Friday deals found that many of the bargains advertised as "doorbusters" were available at lower prices at other times of the year—sometimes even at the same retailer.

Nothing is Free… Someone Always Pays!

Entitlements are increasing at an alarming rate - Obama and democrats want you to believe there will be no problem… What they mean, shut-up and let us get more people (voters) dependent on free money for nothing and they will just tax tax working Americans into poverty - AND THEN and ONLY THEN will they achieve equality!

Not my idea of fair - Good way to destroy ingenuity, motivation, etc. though!

Chart: Entitlement Spending Will Nearly Double by 2050:

Obamacare subsidies will soar over the next 38 years, leaving future generations with an alarming debt burden.


Starting in 2010, Social Security began to permanently spend more than it takes in.

(Via blog.heritage.org)

Insight into The Left's Introduction of "Social Darwinism" for 2012

Some pretty good intro on the left's recent strategy… and opinion piece provides some good resources you might want to go to for real historical facts!
Obama Launches meme, Jonah Goldberg shoots it down:
...the myth that Social Darwinism was a popular term in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was largely created by the liberal historian Richard Hofstadter, whose 1944 book Social Darwinism in American Thought didn't merely transform our understanding of the Gilded Age, it largely fabricated an alternative history of it.
(Via American Thinker Blog)

Expected To Change for "Some"...

This story demonstrates how in this "PC Correct" society we are expected to change so not to offend - I am expected to change and accept values I don't agree with because a few don't accept my values, REALLY? We as a society are expected to "lower" our expectation and change our values so not to offend - Well I find the requirement of the few very OFFENSIVE, and will not change...
I have every right to state my values and expectations whether the few are offended our not… the few surely don't care if they offend me - Tolerance, is not acceptance and certainly not changing. For me, or this artist, to tolerate a different view of life or different life values doesn't require us to change our values and certainly doesn't require accepting someone else's...
Rhode Island Breaking News, RI Politics, Top Stories | Text WPRO to 68255 for mobile news.:
“some of the members of the Pilgrim High Schoolcommunity suggested that the depiction of a young man’s development from boyhood through adulthood as displayed may not represent the life experiences of many of the students at Pilgrim High School.”
(Via 630wpro.com)

I Owe Illegal Immigrants Nothing Other than Decency

I, as a US citizen, owe illegal immigrants nothing other than decency - They deserve to be treated as a human being… respectfully, with courtesy and kindness, the same as I would hope they would treat me if I were in their country.

I do not owe them a job, or access to the benefits this country provides, or for monies I work for to be distributed to them… basically, they "have no dog in the hunt" - There illegal. How can a member of any group start on equal ground when that person broke the rules/laws in the first place?

Illegal Immigrants, supports to re-create 1966 march

An excerpt:

"I deserve the same rights as anybody else, and I'm not given those rights because I am an 'undocumented'.... For those reasons I can't go to school. I can't get an actual job that I would want."

Really? You believe you deserve the same rights as someone that made sacrifices to be a legal citizen? That is fair to you?

Well if that is your definition of what is "right", fair, and somehow owed you - I am not sure I would want you as part of the society I live in! There are millions of legal immigrants that migrated here and EARNED their citizenship legally and in many cases with great sacrifice… Are you some how better them? What because you have a "harder life"… and who gets to determine that you?

GIVE ME A BREAK, I owe you nothing; however, to be part of this great country and reap the benefits you owe it plenty!

No Looting in Japan

Though "our" US reporters show their desire for horrific and tragic stories as they report with frustration the lack of human debauchery in the wake of human suffering, there are several opinions why these reporters aren't getting the stories they desire - From culture, which is debatable just ask Koreans and Chinese who lived through the Japanese occupations of the past, to a one-for-all-all-for-one mentality. I found the below link had an interesting take and viewpoint on the topic.

American Thinker: Why The Japanese Aren't Looting

Solidarity - Yea Right...

...let me get this right - It is "solidarity" when liberals agree with the "cause" and a mob when they don't.

Tea Party demonstrators had no violence (though accused but never proven), no taxpayer went without services (i.e. fake sick calls), no calls for "blood in the streets" - Yet they were a mob...

Now we have liars faking sick call-in(s), politicians saying "sometimes you have to get bloody", and protesters issuing threats...and this is a good thing.

Guess I am a stupid southern boy, because that makes no sense to me - AND, I pray it never does!

FOX News - Top Stories - National Protests Decry Wis. Anti-Union Efforts - Page 1 of 5

Against Public Unions - Your a Racist

…just in case you didn't know
American Thinker Blog: Fiscal responsibility is racist!
Thought I would mention, upon leaving the military I looked at "a public" job and was told "no matter if you have the highest, score the top 98 minorities would be hired before you are considered" - They were looking to hire 100 police officers. Wonder why the public sector has a higher number of african-american employees? ?

US Should be Cautious, Not Offer Blind Support

I am not so sure we, as a nation, should be encouraging the same as militant Islamic groups... Sure the "protesters" (Muslim Brotherhood) claim to be pro-democracy, but are they? We know that the Muslim Brotherhood had a militant wing which they claim has been closed... I am just saying, the nation, should be cautious in jumping on board as supportive based solely on a "pro-democracy" claim!
Islamic militants took to the Internet to call on Muslims to unite behind Egyptian protesters and not to 'waste the chance' to topple President Hosni Mubarak
Islamic Militants Support Egyptian Protesters - FoxNews.com

***Update*** I found this an interesting read along the same lines -
American Thinker Blog: US and Israeli Analysts Split Over the Egyptian Crisis