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Extreme Weather and Global Warming

The scare tactics of global warming seem to be working for those still believing the media, and don't read newspapers to see "which way the lefterly winds are blowing?" or what fear mongering lie/rumor is being used today to control the masses...

Amazing, with all the "academia" nuts out there the population is still so ignorant...

Wake up, you are being lied to and someone is making a fortune off your fear and your attempts to do something "good for mother earth" - Buying special bulbs, special additives to the fuel, special, special, all at an added cost to you while lining someone's pockets! BUT, keep in mind, this isn't coming from this evil non-caring conservatives, NO, it comes from the liberal academics that care so much for you!

Does global warming cause extreme weather?:

Meanwhile, the mainstream media has been largely hiding from the public the actual cause of recent extreme weather events

(Via American Thinker)

Do We Care?

So we have big Al Gore trying in the news, do we really care?
Now Al Gore is getting on President Obama for opting against tougher air pollution standards.
Just shut up Al!

Guess he is trying to make noise before he goes into hibernation for the winter. BTW, Al we are experiencing an unusually cool spell - I know it's global warming, NOT!

Now Gore blasts Obama over pollution regs

Memphis' Ties Record High Set in 1977

Memphis' Sunday temperature ties record high set in 1977 » The Commercial Appeal

If you believe the heat is due to "man-made climate change" and in no way is related to cycles in the weather - Please tell me what was going on in 1977...come on give it a shot!
When the thermometer hit 99 degrees at 1:53 p.m. at Memphis International Airport, it tied a record set in 1977.
How about fifty-eight years ago...you know when not every family even had a car, and if they did they had one...
On Wednesday, the high is expected to reach 97, which would tie the record set in 1953
Come on, I want to hear it - The Global Warming fanatics can tell me how and when we (human beings) will destroy the world, but they cannot explain why there are still record highs over 100 years old, nor can they accurately tell me what the weather is going to do tomorrow!

Review FEAR as 2009 Departs and 2010 Arrives

Realizing 2010 was about to be here, I remember how I believed “I would be old” when thinking of 2000 while in school. That led me to remember the Y2K [bogus] bug. Remembering the Y2K, I remembered the Ozone hole, which caused me to remember the “new” ice age…

Then I remembered how Japan was “going to own America”, much like we hear China “will own America” now.
Does anyone else see a common theme here? “Keep the citizens in fear”, seems to be the goal of the media, the government, or both.

Having some (a little) experience with trying to control “masses”, I can say installing fear and worries is a goal to “control”. Do you believe I am just “blowing smoke”?

Well let’s look back – post WWII
  • Fear of the ‘A’ bomb – Bomb shelters, “duck and cover”, etc.
  • McCarthyism
  • Cold War
  • Temperatures cooling and entering a new ice age
  • Oil Shortage
  • Japan would “buy and destroy” America
  • Going to “cook” due to a hole in the Ozone
  • AIDS
  • Animal Fat
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Global Warming
  • International Terrorism
  • Trans fats
  • China will “buy and destroy” America

Hmm, that is just a few – Am I blowing smoke?

The 'Hoax' is 'Warming Up' - Will it Burn Down?

Will the release of these emails wake up the public before they loose more of their rights to choose not to mention the money being stolen base due to this hoax with "cap and trade"? I can guarantee you the "main stream media" will defend their blunder to the last breath or until the public forces them to actually "tell the truth"

Facing Scandal, Head of Climate Research Lab to Temporarily Step Down
Matt Dempsey, spokesman for Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., thinks more is still to come from the scandal coming to be known as Climate-gate. “It certainly shows that there’s more to the investigation and there’s more to come, and we’re only at the beginning stages of learning about Climate-gate," he told FoxNews.com.

Do you believe there will be any "real investigation" with Pelosi and Reid...I think not!

Good News - NOT

The below is "great news"...we have so much to look forward to! For example, more taxes for "the greater good", go carts with electric mower engines, BS about renewable energies while you are still burning fossil fuels just not "oil"...and nobody will tell you how much these "batteries" will cost to buy, to dispose of, or the cost associated with gearing our emergency personnel up to deal with these "batteries"!

NO, it ain't good news - But hey I am a "global warming denier" and proud of it!

Some Hint at Progress on Climate Deal - NYTimes.com
A two-day meeting of officials from countries responsible for the bulk of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions ended Monday in London with hints that rich and developing nations might be able to bridge at least some of their differences on issues hobbling agreement on a new climate treaty.