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Lets Get Naked!

Caseless… who is with me? I have paid hundreds of dollars, possibly thousands, to protect various devices over the years - why?

  • Do we really need them?
  • Do we really use them?

The devices were designed without a case in mind & many times we buy these devices based on these designs - Did you buy that half inch phone thinking "gee that will look really good with a one inch piece of rubber around it"? I think not! Though I purchase cases I almost always end up taking these cases off!

So why do we spend $299 for a phone and $50 or more to protected -

  • Are we letting the OEM(s) off the hook?
  • Shouldn't we expect the OEM to make a dutiable device?
  • Have we been conditioned that "we need protection", say like "safe sex"?

Or have we been hoodwinked? Do the OEM(s) make good devices yet the case manufactures have done a great job publicizing damaged device and convincing us to hide these device we purchased, in part, for their looks?

I say - Let's take 'em off, go naked - Shame on the OEM(s) if they are not proud of their designs and build them to be displayed (shown off)!

I Always Knew… Say No to Black Friday

I have always told my wife "black Friday isn't a big deal"… and I read here, analyst agree with me :-)

An analysis by The Wall Street Journal and price-data firm Decide Inc. of this year's most-touted Black Friday deals found that many of the bargains advertised as "doorbusters" were available at lower prices at other times of the year—sometimes even at the same retailer.

Clothes are Next - :)

Pride, is it a bad thing – From a totally secular view point? Well, considering I was raised to look a man in the eye to speak or shake their hand – I have to say no I don’t think so.

However, let us look at more evidence though it is only based on opinion. When I drive around neighborhoods I know thirty or more years ago were nice and even new, they are rundown with houses in some cases that are nearly following down. Why is this? Could it be lack of pride? I do mark it up to laziness and lack of pride, which is pretty much.

You see when houses began being sold to people that couldn’t afford it, these “new owners” knew that they would either loose it or not be held accountable for the property, they didn’t care – They had no pride because they weren’t “in it for the long haul” and in many cases didn’t buy it with “their own money”… Now these dilapidated homes have nice cars in front of ‘em, cars I wouldn’t dare buy because I have a “house note” to make…

My question – Since we are now looking at ways to “give cars” away or lessen the expense to everyone - How will this depreciate the way the owners take care of ‘em.

Let’s put it to the test – My guess, in a few years now we will have house that are falling apart, with broken down cars in the drive way, but the people living and driving in these eye sores will have really nice clothes…

…that is till we start giving new clothes away!

Taking a "get away", we have traveled to the Nation's Capital.

I have enjoyed all the "free" visits to our national monuments and museums.

Let me say we have a great country - I have renewed interest in our people and our international visitors. In pouring down rain and few umbrellas the museums and monuments were packed...with "smiling" people.

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Well having had to fly for years and being able to stop - I haven't had to fly for sometime and the trips I have taken since limiting my business travel have been on international carriers.
Well today I am taking a vacation and wanted to describe my experiences.
The check points are pretty much as they have been for some time and it really doesn't matter if you are traveling internationally or domestically.
Sitting on my flight, currently in flight, I see what I despise about US owned airlines - They have us hostage to their rudeness. They don't even have a need to pretend to treat us as paying customers.
I understand the business need to generate revenue by charging for everything but the air you breath (not yet anyway) - Don't agree but understand. I don't understand the "we take your money to tell you what to do" attitude.
I am serious there are a lot of little king and queens working for airlines...they appear to hate their jobs and us the customer...
Basically we are hostages, maybe Stockholm syndrome will kick in soon and I will change my attitude toward my captors - But' I doubt it.

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Let's forget the election for awhile and move on to something more important - New television shows. Anyone that might read this watch mentalist? What are you thoughts? I find it pretty interesting; however, I not so sure anyone is that good - Since they would probably be in Vegas or some other place using his skill:-)

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Ain't going to be a season for the record books...at least not for the desired reasons!

Florida dominates Tennessee again

KNOXVILLE — Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton kept repeating the phrase over and over, as if he were in a trance or in denial.“We shot ourselves in the foot, we shot ourselves in the foot,” he said after No. 4 Florida jumped up 17-0 in the first quarter and coasted to a 30-6 victory over the punchless Vols before a Neyland Stadium mob that booed loud and long before heading to the exits early.Indeed, Tennessee (1-2, 0-1 SEC) gave a whole new meaning to “bang-bang plays.”

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Wanted - The Movie (really they need one)

I went to see what I thought would be a good movie - Wanted. I was wrong! It could have been a good movie - It has all the expected twist, but still it could have been good... Here is a hint, when you introduce something extremely "far fetched" you need to spend a little time making it somewhat believable (i.e. The Force, Krypton, Radioactive Spider Bite, etc.), a loom deciding who dies(?).

The actors/acting made it watchable - If you care what I think I would suggest you wait on the DVD...actually they may have been better served going directly to DVD.

Give me a Break - Sensitive or Sensationalism

Miller Apologizes for Comments He Made About Mediate
Ciongoli said that his letter “is not meant to be an attack upon NBC, but rather to be an illumination of a problem that continues to trouble our society.”“The perpetuation of negative stereotypes and demeaning language hurts us all,” he said.But Anthony Baratta, the president of the Order Sons of Italy in America’s commission for social justice, demanded Miller’s suspension. “If Johnny Miller had made a similar remark about Tiger Woods,” he said Thursday in a press release, “he would have been fired.”
Are we really that sensitive or just that sensational? Come on, media types can dog "red necks", "country bumpkins", "Christians" and "farmer types" all the time...well even presidential candidates can, and the claim is "we were not talking about them they just read to much into it; however, when a specific group does read to much into a statement - "Katie bar the door" we want them hung...
These groups are simply looking for publicity through sensationalism - IMOH!

Disclaimer - "hung" is not meant to be derogatory to anyone's ancestry which may or may not involve "horse thievery", "rapists", "murders", "race", "racists", "religion", etc. etc. etc.

Isn't it Safe for The Planet

I thought all the environmentalist wanted me driving a "hydrogen" car - Are you telling me it is just as volatile as fossil fuel? Safer for the planet? Maybe yes, just not us humans - An inconvenient truth:-)

Hydrogen Leak in Connecticut Forces Dozens From Homes
MIDDLEBURY, Conn. — Dozens of homes were evacuated here early Tuesday after a tractor-trailer ran off the shoulder on Interstate 84, tumbled down an embankment and began leaking highly volatile hydrogen gas.

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Halo 3

Yes, I got it the first day, and in my humble opinion it was worth the"hype". So far, I believe it better then Halo 2; however, I have not decided if it is as good as Halo 1... Sure the graphics are better and...but, will it mean as much to the "video game" industry and "elderly" players like myself - Is 3 as "ground breaking" as the 1? I haven't decided, but I am enjoying it - Regression at it's funnest!